Doing Audio on a Budget – Part 3


Doing Audio on a Budget – Part 3 – Using Stock Plug-Ins

In 2012, I would have told you that the plugins that come with your DAW aren’t very good, and to immediately upgrade to third-party plug-ins. In 2018, this just isn’t the case. Plug-ins have come such a long way that your DAWs built-in plug-ins will work fine for the vast majority of applications.

With parametric EQs, I often find myself using Logic’s Channel EQ or Pro-Tools’ 7-band EQ. I enjoy the flexibility of the third-party FabFilter ProQ, but I’ve learned to work without it.  

For compressors, Logic has excellent optical, FET, VCA, and tube emulations. The Pro Tools Dynamic Compressor/Limiter and BF76 work well enough, and the addition of the newer Drawmer S73 compressor is a life saver.

If you add new plug-ins, try to think strategically about which additional ones you’ll actually use, and try not to have more than five. It’s better to have a handful of plugins you’re intimately familiar with rather than dozens that you never use.


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