How To Install Effects Presets on Adobe Premiere Pro


This is a short tutorial on how to import presets in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019. The steps are very simple, and allows you to install custom presets, or create and share your own. Professional editing workflows often require repetitive actions, so we recommend having a good set of presets to get more work done with fewer clicks. 

Step 1: Click the Effects panel at the top of the screen

If you can’t find the Effects panel, click the double arrows at the top of the screen and then click, “Edit Workspace”. Make sure the Effects panel is visible.

Step 2: Right-click the presets folder

Step 3: Navigate to your presets and then click OK

The process is now complete! You now have presets installed that you can drag and drop onto video and audio clips. 

And lastly, here are ten custom audio presets to help get your workflow moving more efficiently. Click the link to download:

Finewav Audio Effect Presets for Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019

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