Six-Dollar Pop-Filter


$6 Pop-Filter

Silk-windscreens offer the best quality performance by massively attenuating pops and plosives in microphones while also providing the maximum high-frequency response from a vocal recording. Transporting these and setting them up can be a major chore, and when used with a poor stand, often results in the entire stand toppling over from the weight. Worse yet, many pop filters come with metal gooseneck attachments that either never bend enough, or are too flexible to stay put. At $50 and up each, you’ll need to spend about $200 if you plan on recording four vocals simultaneously. Recently, we’ve been opting for these much cheaper pop-filters that are a steal by comparison.

Over-the-Grille Screens

These slide over the top of a side-address large-diaphragm condenser, and seem to fit most varieties of large-diaphragm condensers. Two elastic bands like hair-ties hold the pop-filter in place, and the fabric and plastic are light enough to not topple over even the worst mic stands. In terms of build quality, the construction is just passable, but we’ve yet to see one break. If you happen to lose the elastic bands, you could likely replace them with hair-ties or rubber bands.  

As far as sound quality, these pop filters seem just as effective and reducing pops and plosives as any silk windscreen. There’s likely a small decrease in frequency response, but any losses are barely perceptible. In multiple microphone setups, using four silk windscreens simultaneously would cost approximately, $200. With the money saved on multiple silk windscreens, you could likely make major improvements in sound quality elsewhere.

Whether for convenience or cost, these over-the-top pop-filters should be the go-to choice for all but the most pristine recordings. If you already have a silk-windscreen, we recommend keeping one of these handy as a backup, or for when you need to record with an additional mic.



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